PGI: Basic Maneuvers, Level 3

Basic Maneuvers, Level 3, is conceived as a continuation of level one where the added emphasis is the conduct of straight and level flight, climbs, and descents, with the use of flaps.  In short, the student learns to maintain straight and level flight while pursuing variations in flap settings and speed targets (with the speeds now reduced to the white arc range). With regard to the descents and climbs, this interpretation prescribes drills in which the student flies the aircraft through its downwind, base leg, and final approach configurations, including the deployment of flaps. Conversely, the climbing drill has the student fly the best angle and best rate profiles for the aircraft.  The approach (descent) and departure (climb) sequences can be joined nicely to together by an overshoot transition.  The entire drill is conducted at altitude along a straight track.

The PGI then is dressed with the standard template of Definition, Aim, Motivation, etc., but the emphasis is on the drills, which for the body of the How section.

Turns can now incorporate turns to specific heading indicator headings, which really does not add greatly to the students TBAAT turn sequence.