Threshold Knowledge Testing

Start a Presentation of new material at the Student's Level of Understanding

Reason:  If you begin your presentation at a level where your students do not understand, there will be confusion and time wasted. Little or no learning will take place.

How to determine the students' level of understanding:

  1. Before the instruction starts, conduct a Threshold Knowledge Test (T.K.T.) to determine what your students know, or do not know. A Threshold Knowledge Test is simply some form of examination, written or oral, of sufficient length to inform you as to the actual level of knowledge.
  2. During the course of instruction have periodic reviews.
  3. Conduct a review of previous lessons before starting each lesson. The review should consist of a series of questions. If your students answer correctly, proceed. If they do not, re-teach.
  4. Check with other instructors for the strengths and weaknesses of your students, and arrange your material to fit the students' needs.


Source: Flight Instructor Guide