What will happen if I have to temporarily discontinue my flight training?

With respect to Groundschool, students can withdraw and attend the next scheduled Groundschool session at no additional charge--if you cannot attend the next subsequent session, you will unfortunately have to pay the full Groundschool fee for subsequent sessions. If you have special circumstances, see the Chief Flying Instructor to discuss the matter. With respect to air instruction, student who have not flown for a while simple have to get their skills current (up to the previous standards), and this is accomplished in a series of review flights--the number of review flights required will vary student by student. Interrupted training should be avoided if possible during the pre-solo phase, as the learning curve is steep here, whereas interruptions during later phases are less significant as flying tends to be like ridding a bicycle--you never forget. You flight times during training for the purpose of licence qualification do not lapse and are good for life. Nevertheless, plan ahead for your training and try to avoid potential interruptions.