How do I continue to enjoy flying after I complete my Private Pilot Licence?

After you receive your Private Pilot Licence you can continue to rent aircraft from any flying school or flying club in Canada, and indeed throughout the world (the Private Pilot Licence is an international pilot liceince that meets ICAO standards. Most towns and cities in Canada have a local flying school or club. Many pilot like to rent aircraft because they don't get tied into issues of aircraft ownership, but rented aircraft are expensive owing to higher standards of maintenance (rented aircraft are commercial aircraft) and the need, of course, for the operator to make a profit.

If you plan to only fly a limited number of hours per year, then it is typically more economical to rent aircraft, rather than own, but there are many pleasure associated with owning an aircraft that can't be duplicated by renting--you can access your aircaft when you want, you don't have to undergo the "check flights" required when renting, you get familiar and comfortable with your own aircraft, and you get to experience the many tasks and responsibilities aircraft owership--performing elementary maintenance tasks, cleaning, washing, etc. Also, while Private Pilots can own what are referred to as "homebuilt" aircraft, commercial rental operators must use only factory-built, certified aircraft--some of the most beautiful aircraft at Langley Airport are homebuilts--usually fast with exotic design features.

Unless you have lots of money to invest in an aircraft (aircraft always appreciate in value), most pilots purchase a "share" in an aircraft and own their aircraft collectively as partners. These partnerships are commonly formed among fellow student-pilot "classmates". The purchase price for a two-seat aircraft is between $18,000 and $40,000, while a four-seat aircraft typically sells for between $40,000 and $80,000. To get a feel for what is available out there for partnered ownership, check out the local avaition publication, or stop by your local airpot--shared ownership opportunities are used posted or advertised.