Why does Langley Flying School use the Piper Cherokees and Cessna Skyhawks as their primary training aircraft?

The Cessna 172 (Skyhawk) and the  Piper Cherokee Cruiser 140 were selected as the primary training aircraft because they present student with the option of flying a high-wing or low-wing aircraft design, because they have adequate engine power to operate safely in our mountainous environment, and be cause they are certified for spin maneuvers training.  Since these aircraf are four-seat aircraft, they provide a high level of physical comfort to students and hve the necessary aerodynamic characteristic that make if appropriate for primary or intial training out of Langley Airport's rather demanding runways, which are under 3000' in length.   Langley Flying School also operates the Cessna 152 for students who prefer two-seat aircraft, and we operate a Piper Seneca for our advance Multi-engine and Instrument Rating training. 

Langley Flying School's Piper Cherokee FKKF