What should I do if I want to get a university degree and want to be a professional pilot?

Get a university degree in anything but aviation. It is important for pilots to have "fall back" plans as a medical illness could interrupt, or even end, their professional flying. If you have a business aviation degree, your options outside of flying are limited—such a narrow degree cannot compete again a "stand-alone" degree in business, science, social science degree, or professional degree. Don't throw all your eggs into the aviation business basket, and make plans for a second back-up career.

If you can, complete your pilot qualifications while you are going to university or college—if you complete your commercial pilot licence, you can get an Instructor Rating and teach flying at a private school full-time in the summer and part-time during when you are back at your own studies. Private flying schools have a major demand for part-time and summer Flight Instructors.

Flying a Simulated Forced Approach onto Langley Runway 19.  Langley Flying School